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To save your money in your balance to not lose any day, you need to turn off your Instagram bot.
If you are away for a while and can’t track your account growth, you should turn off your Instagram bot. This way, your money goes to your balance, and you can charge your account whenever you want.
Check this tutorial to know how to re-activate the bot and send the money to your days.
Note1: If you want to save your money in your balance, you should stop your bot not pause the targets.

#Step One

Click on the Plus icon (+) beside the “Paid Days” to enter the “Days Management” page.


#Step Two

If you have multiple accounts, you can choose the one which you want to turn it off. Select the desired accounts.


#Step Three

Click on the turn off button.


Note2: As you see in the picture below, the amount which will be returned to your balance is obvious.


#Step Four

Click on the “Apply” button to finish the process.


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