How to Find Good Targets

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Instagram automation helps you discover new audiences. It’s up to you to keep the conversation going.

When you use instagooo, you increase your chances of Instagram users noticing your account. Therefore, you’re casting a wide net by following, for example, 1,000 users at a time. What are the chances that these users will notice your follow on their Instagram notifications? This depends on the niche you’re targeting, the comments you’re using, and the time of day you’re posting.
However, there are ways to increase the chance that these users notice your account and follow you back. How? By using instagooo automation to engage as deeply as possible with the users. This means that your instagooo Activity will look like “real” activity. When users turn on their Instagram app, they will see that you’ve followed them, liked and commented on their photos, and hopefully, they will then be curious to check out your account and follow you in return.

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