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Auto DM is a service which sends direct messages to your followers or non-followers automatically as you’ve set it to do. With Instagooo Auto DM tool, you can set automatic direct messages, which will help you to promote your business, drive more leads and sales, increase the number of visitors to your website, welcome your new followers and engage with them.

Welcome Message

Sending a welcome message to every new follower right after following you is a great way to start engaging with them and drive traffic to your products.

Existing Followers

Want to share your campaign with your followers? Or want to inform your followers about a new product? So this is an excellent way to send all the message you want.


Send messages to specific followers or even Instagram users that don’t follow you to fine-tune your communications or extend your reach.

Send Images/Post

You can attach an image from your hardware or a post from your Instagram profile to link them in the messages you are sending. This is the best way to sell your products and give information about them.

Anti-spam System

Instagooo creates an environment for your messages to not get blocked with an anti-spam system. Just enough to use the pattern, that has suggested, in your messages’ text to not let Instagram recognize your account as you are using an automation tool.

Custom Filters

You can apply custom settings to send auto direct messages to specific users with filtering them by the number of followers, gender, etc. and receive more engagement and loyal followers.

Keep Your Engagement Alive

It is the time to stop doing the same manual work over and over, automate your messages and save your time to build your authority on Instagram. Unlock new opportunities to grow your online business with our Instagram Auto DM service. You can keep your engagement high, advertise your products, and show your followers that you care about them by sending appreciate messages. Continual social media marketing is the best online advertising strategy.

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