Three Simple Ways to Use Instagram on Computer (Post,DM and All)

If you spend most of your time behind a computer screen, and if you are an active Instagram user, you must have already felt the pain of losing concentration out of switching between the two. All the way nagging to and fro, you must have wished, once at least, to be blessed to manage your Instagram account from a computer desktop. Yes, you are blessed! And blessed enough to know three of the best ways to use Instagram on computer.

#1- Instagooo Tool to access Instagram on Computer

Instagooo offers an on-line and web-based tool with a variety of applications. With this tool, you will be able to manage Instagram posts and comments from your desktop. You can access your published posts, make drafts, and schedule your posts by the post scheduling tool of Instagooo.

Access your published posts on Instagram

In this section of Instagooo automation tool you can:

  1. See all of your posts;
  2. Select your posts to take collective actions;
  3. Create a copy of your posts;
  4. Delete your posts;
  5. Select your time zone; and
  6. Post photos and videos on your Instagram account.
Instagooo access your Instagram posts

you can access your published posts through Instagooo dashboard

For a more detailed control over your posts, you can click on the body of one of the posts and have the following controls:

  1. Add a location to your post;
  2. Tag people in your photo or video;
  3. Buy likes and views for your post from real Instagram accounts;
  4. Edit your caption;
  5. See the comments; and
  6. Add a comment.
Instagooo access to a single post

by clicking a post you will be granted a more detailed control over that post

Make drafts on Instagram

You can also create drafts of your posts to publish them anytime in the future:

  1. Go to the post section of Instagooo;
  2. Select the “Draft Posts” button;
  3. Then select your files to be uploaded to the tool.
Instagooo draft posts

You can make drafts of your posts to publish them later

If you have selected multiple files, you can decide to create one single album of those files or create a draft for every single file you have chosen. Please Do not select any of the uploaded files and Do Not click “next.” You will be directed to the next page automatically once the files are uploaded.

Instagooo upload images

uploading images on Instagooo might take a few seconds. Please do not click anything after the upload is completed. You will automatically be directed to the next page

Now you are directed to this page:

Instagooo post parameters

Here, you can determine more settings for your post

As you see in the image above, you can:

  1. Write caption(s) for your post(s);
  2. Apply aspect ratio, filters, and watermarks to your post(s);
  3. Set the publishing date and time of each post (which also lets you schedule your post for future publication); and
  4. Apply other complementary options.

Schedule Instagram posts

You can create multiple posts (there is no limitation with the number of drafts you generate) and schedule them to publish later, in a specific date and time. All you need to do is to:

  1. Go to the post section of the Instagooo automation tool;
  2. Click “scheduled posts”; and
  3. Select and upload files.
Instagooo post schedule

Post scheduling tool of Instagooo enables you to post to your account on a timely basis

The of it is as explained in “making drafts.”

Using Instagooo not only allows you access your Instagram on the computer desktop, but also will help an organic and steady growth of your account if the Instagram promotion feature is activated for you.

Downsides of this method:

  • You have no access to the messages sent to you;
  • You have no access to Instagram setting.

#2- Using the Inspect Element Feature on Web-Based Instagram

You can also access your Instagram account on a PC desktop if you know how to use the Inspect Element feature on the Instagram web. If you don’t know how, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to on your PC browser and log-in to your account;
  • When logged in, right-click anywhere on the page and select Inspect element;
  • Select the icon which shows the mobile/tablet mode;
  • Now select the phone model you want the page to be responsive for;
  • Refresh the page; and
  • Close the Inspect Element panel.
Instagram web Inspect Element

Web inspect element will be available by right-clicking anywhere on the page

Now you can see your messages and message people, post your photos, and do whatever your phone can do to Instagram.

Downsides of this method:

  • There is no possibility of scheduling your posts;
  • The setting is limited compared to the phone Instagram;
  • Business account Insights are not present in this method;
  • You can’t manage multiple accounts.

#3- Getting Help from Third Part Apps

There are also many third-party apps that help you emulate android and iOS on a pc. Using these applications, you will be able to run any mobile app, including Instagram on your computer desktop. The most well-known of these apps are BlueStacks and Nox for emulating android applications, and Appetize and Ripple for running iOS applications on Windows and macOS.


BlueStacks is the most popular android emulator among users, worldwide

Downsides of this method:

  • You are dependent on a third party app to manage your Instagram account;
  • These applications consume a part of your system’s speed, so the speed and performance of your PC might drop to some degree; and
  • To upload an Instagram story, you need to have a webcam on your computer.


Using Instagram on computer desktop makes it very easy to manage your Instagram account, and these three ways (Instagooo Dashboard, Instagram Web Inspect Element, and Third party application) makes it entirely possible. However, no method is complete by itself. Maybe the best way to manage your Instagram account on a desktop is to combine two or all of these methods to get the best results.

Our best suggestion is: To use your Instagram on computer through “Inspect element” and manage it by “Instagooo dashboard”.

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