Personal Instagram vs. Instagram Business Profile, Which one Works Better for you?

There have been many theories on whether brands and influencers alike are better off with business account versus personal Instagram accounts. While there are indeed pros and cons for each, it looks like there is no one-size-fits-all solution for it.

So, which one works better for you? Here are a few questions to help you decide:

Personal Instagram vs. Instagram Business Profile, Which one Works Better for you?

Personal Instagram vs. Instagram Business Profile

Do you have more than 10K followers?

Regardless of whether you are an influencer or you own a small business or a huge one, your follower number is something to consider while deciding between a personal or business Instagram account. Business profiles with over 10K followers can include a “swipe up” link in their Instagram stories. This feature has many advantages like driving traffic to your website, including an affiliate link to earn commission, or guiding your audience to any call to action you may want for them to take.
Would Instagram analytics be useful to you?

For many people, being able to have unique insights into their Instagram audience is valuable information. Right now, only business accounts can reach these data points. While some third-party apps are available to provide insights to any Instagram user, the comfort of monitoring this constantly within the Instagram app is definitely a perk. Users who are interested in knowing their followers, when they’re most active on Instagram and where they are living, should consider switching to business accounts. You can use this valuable information to optimize better and more exciting content.

Personal Instagram vs. Instagram Business Profile, Which one Works Better for you?

Is it important for you to have a private account?

For some people, the ability to set their profile to private could be for security reasons. In this case, a personal account is the only way to get this. Business profiles require your page to be public, so you may want to consider the pros and cons of which matters the most to you.

Do you need to link to multiple Facebook pages?

If you need to link your Instagram to multiple Facebook accounts, you will need to have as a personal page. Since the same company owns Instagram and Facebook, Instagram needs you to connect your account to a single identical Facebook page to become a business account. If, for instance, you run a restaurant chain with multiple Facebook pages for each of your restaurants, you would not be able to link to each Facebook page from your Instagram if you desired a business account.

Are you interested in promoting posts?

If you hold a media budget (even a modest one) and are interested in boosting one of your Instagram posts, you must switch to a business account. Personal profiles can certainly promote products, services or any other sort of advertisement, but you won’t be able to monitor the reach by boosting it unless you register as a business account.

Are you ready to invest in your page?

While we can’t be sure, if Instagram attends in Facebook’s footsteps, it’s just a matter of time before business profiles will be required to put some funding behind their posts for the content to be seen.

Personal Instagram vs. Instagram Business Profile, Which one Works Better for you?Conclusion

As you can see from the reasons listed above, there are currently a lot of perks and reasons why having a business profile could benefit you. With that said, if you are not currently using your Instagram as a business you would eventually be prepared to invest in monetarily, you might want to consider this before making the switch.

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