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Surprisingly Instagram is rolling out other new features for Instagram users, and it is doing its best to promote its services.


Instagram now Lets Advertisers Boost Organic Posts as Feed Ads

Instagram advertisers used to ask influencers to share their brand and advertisement post with Instagram users which may not be the best option for businesses to advertise their product on Instagram, because by advertising in an Influencer’s account, businesses can’t reach the whole Instagram users and they are only limited to Influencer’s followers. There was another problem too; Influencer’s followers may not be interested in your advertisement, and they would easily ignore it.

Happily, Instagram now lets advertisers boost organic posts as feed ads, which helps them to reach a wider audience. It lets advertisers turn influencer posts into paid ads and by having this feature, you aren’t limited to a specific number of people, it allows you to appear in Stories and feeds of a larger group of Instagram user, even people who don’t follow the influencer.


Instagram brand

Instagram now lets Advertisers Boost Organic Posts as Feed Ads

The new feature will be available on June 17, and I guess all marketers can’t wait to see this feature work in the coming weeks.

Now advertisers can easily set their target, so the ads are shown to a group of people who are interested in the ad and product.

Advertisers can choose of them while creating an ad for an Instagram post: Reach, Brand Awareness, Video view, Traffic, Engagement.


Instagram Story Pride Month Colorful Update

Just a few days before the Pride Month of June, Jane Manchun Wong, the unrivaled feature discoverer of Instagram, found out about a rainbow ring around her profile picture after she posted a Pride-Month related hashtag on her story.

 Instagram Story Pride Month Colorful Update

Rainbow ring around Jane Manchun Wong’s profile picture

It seems that in June if Instagram users use Pride Month related hashtags on their stories, this Rainbow-Ring will appear around their DP. This feature is temporary. Another change to Instagram stories related to the Pride Month is the rainbow gradient added to stickers, as you can see in the photo above.

Unlike Instagram, its parent company, Facebook doesn’t’ seem to want to do anything with the Pride Month temporary changes to the platform.

After a week through June, not many stories on Instagram include the rainbow ring around them. This can be an indicator of the fact that most Instagram users are not aware of this temporary feature, hence not using Pride Month related hashtags on their stories (although their stories are related to the Pride Month).

For your information:

Pride Month or the LGBT History month is a full duration of a month (June (Globally), February (UK) and October (the US and Canada)) when the civil rights of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) are celebrated. This celebration is specific to the US, UK, and Canada. It is also recognized as Queer History Month in Berlin.


Instagram is testing an “order” sticker for stories

According to a screenshot tweeted by social media consultant Matt Navarra, Instagram is testing an order sticker for stories. As you can see, it is next to the location and music sticker.


 Instagram order sticker

Instagram is testing an “order” sticker for stories

No detail has published about the “Order” sticker, and everyone is waiting to know the way it works, but there are some suggestions that the green dollar sign may have something to do with payments.

Anyways, you should know that Instagram hasn’t officially acknowledged the Order sticker and we should wait for more information.

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