IGTV Landscape Videos now is Available

IGTV feature surprised Instagram users about a year ago, which was good news for people who were looking for a way to share long-form videos.

Watching IGTV in vertical form didn’t satisfy its users, that caused an update. Fortunately, now it is possible to watch an IGTV in a horizontal mode, and it is expected that people would spend more time on Instagram because of the new update.

Why did Instagram add horizontal mode to IGTV?

Instagram decided to add support for horizontal video viewing after getting numerous requests from creators and users for the feature,” said Instagram product manager Ashley Yuki.

Obviously, Instagram users like to watch videos in a more natural way, which wasn’t possible on vertical form, and certainly many people have requested Instagram to add the new IGTV feature.

I think it was short of Instagram that did not add the horizontal feature before introducing IGTV, and now it is making it up for its users. Now, IGTV supports landscape video view, and users can select the landscape view and rotate their phones to watch in full-screen mode.

IGTV horizontal mode

We should share our ideas as an Instagram user to improve Instagram and make it a more interesting place to spend time on. Adding useful features would not only help businesses to grow but also it would help all Instagram users to increase their engagement. Also, it would make people spend more time on Instagram, which is a win-win for both Instagram and its users.

What other improvements does Instagram or IGTV need? Let’s share our ideas to help each other enjoy using Instagram.

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