How to Write a Good Instagram Bio to Make a Good First Impression?

Writing good Instagram bios might seem simple, but it actually needs a lot of effort! According to researchers, it takes less than three-tenths of a second for a visitor to form an impression of your Instagram account. And if you are using Instagram for business, it’s Essential for that first impression to be a good one!

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to write great Instagram bios that makes an excellent first impression, describe what your business does, and convince new viewers to tap on the “follow” button!

Optimize the Name in Your Bio for Search queries

first, you should make sure that your Instagram name is, well, your actual name! (By this, I mean the “name” area in your profile, not your Instagram username). People who search for you on the platform will likely use your name or your brand’s name, and consistency lets users know that the Instagram profile they’re visiting actually belongs to you and not an impersonator. Your username and name are the only fields that Instagram considers in its search queries. So you should make sure that the name you enter as your Instagram bio is the one your customers and followers are going to search for!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up a bit! Do you have an industry niche or specialty? Do you offer a particular service? Are you recognized for something special? You can enter those details in your Instagram name as well!

How to Write a Good Instagram Bio to Make a Good First Impression?

Add Your Special Skills to Your Instagram Bio

A good Instagram bio perfectly explains what your brand is and what you do. So if you like to stand out for a specific skill, hobby, profession, or interest, you should include this information in your Instagram bio as well! Think about what makes you different from your competitors. Do you have a freakish set of experiences or skills that might be interesting to your followers? Not only will including these details in your Instagram bio work as an introduction to new visitors, but it can also determine whether they will follow.

Include Relevant Keywords in Your Bio

Using keywords won’t increase your searchability on Instagram, but it will give your Instagram account more focus and let you connect with people who want to engage with you and your content! While deciding what keywords to use in your Instagram bio, try to think about both the core values of your target audience and your own core values. If you use Instagram for business, try to create a “profile” of your ideal customer. What are their interests or pain points? What keywords will let you resonate with the most? Using keywords that target your niche and audience will help people understand who you are, what you do, and whether or not your Instagram account is relevant to them!

Include a link to your website

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is strict on the place of clickable links. Right now, the platform only gives you one clickable link on your profile, and it’s the link in your bio. A lot of brands use the link to send people to their blog or homepage, which is excellent! But for e-commerce businesses that need to send people to particular product pages, webinars, or campaigns, the lack of live links could be a considerable challenge. To solve this problem, some brands will continuously update their website link to send people to their latest promotions or products— and then refer to that link in their captions. The thing is Instagram’s posts are no longer chronological, so when a brand’ post says “link in bio,” that link might not match the actual link in their bio. You can also use URL shorteners to convert your multiple links into one short link and use it on your Instagram bio.

How to Write a Good Instagram Bio to Make a Good First Impression?

Include Your Email Address in your Bio

While adding a link to your Instagram bio is a good idea, it’s also becoming more popular for people to share their email address in their Instagram bio. The advantage of adding your email is that it makes it simple for your visitors to contact you. Also, depending on how much engagement you get on your Instagram account, you might sometimes miss a DM or comment!

How to Write a Good Instagram Bio to Make a Good First Impression?

Get creative with your Instagram bio

While it’s essential to explain who you are and what you do in your Instagram bio, you should also think of it as a place for you to show off your fun side. Instagram is a fun platform, so don’t get too stuck on composing a formal bio!

Here are some excellent ways to inject some creativity into your Instagram bio:

  • Make use of Emojis

One of the best methods for spacing out the text in your bio is by including emojis! You can apply them to break up any text-heavy parts in your Instagram bio. Or you can use them to highlight different features of your brand, or just to show off your personality!

How to Write a Good Instagram Bio to Make a Good First Impression?

  • Include your branded-hashtags

Whether you’re promoting a UGC campaign or an Instagram contest, including your branded hashtag in your bio is an excellent way to drive engagement on your posts! Including the branded hashtag in your Instagram bio is also a good way to get your audience in the habit of posting with it. Just remember that the hashtags in your Instagram bio will become clickable, so make the most of them!

How to Write a Good Instagram Bio to Make a Good First Impression?

  • Include a CTA (call-to-action) in your Instagram bio

Including a call-to-action in your bio and inviting your followers to engage or comment can be constructive when it comes to driving more engagement on your posts. You can ask your followers to check your Instagram stories highlights or just take part in your latest contest.


A good Instagram bio can be a great first impression for the visitors and convince them to tap the follow button. Use these tips to create the best Instagram bio and attract new followers

If you have any other questions about Instagram marketing or Instagram features, check out our other blogs. Or just ask us in the comments below.

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