How to Use Instagram Live Video to Promote your Small Business

If you aren’t using Instagram for business yet, you are missing out dude! Since its designed as a photo-sharing platform, Instagram has grown significantly, transforming from an unknown startup to a social network platform with more than 1 billion users as of December 2018.

Today, brands of all sizes realize the platform’s incredible marketing potential as its latest feature, Instagram Live, brings business communication to the next level.

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What is Instagram live?

Instagram Live is a real-time video broadcasting feature that was rolled out in November 2016, only a few months after the launch of Instagram stories, which is similar to the Snapchat feature that lets users post 24-hour photos and videos for their followers to view. Brands can effectively use Instagram Live to increase interaction with their audience and connect with new, broader customers.

As long as you stay relevant to your industry and brand, the sky’s the limit. Now you might be wondering, “Well, perhaps I should try out Instagram Live for my brand.” “But where should I start? What content should I put out?”

Excellent question! Let’s discuss easy ways to use Instagram Live to promote and grow your brand.

Is it useful for my small business?

The short answer is, yes it is! You need to pay attention to Instagram for two reasons. First, Instagram live gives you a direct channel for a two-way communication between you and your audience. Secondly, you probably already own an Instagram following that you can simply turn into customers using Instagram live videos.

Here are some ways for using Instagram live videos for business:

How to use Instagram live videos to promote my brand?

  • Host an interactive Q&A session

You can use Instagram Live to engage with your followers, responding to their questions in real time. Each video feed has a comments section that your followers can use to interact with you as you broadcast. They can also reply via “likes.”

Tips: before hosting a Q&A, let your audience know that you are going to hold a Q&A session. You can ask them to send their questions during your live video.  This can create a more interactive experience.

How to Use Instagram Live Video to Promote your Small Business

  • Stream a tutorial or a live workshop

Similarly, as you would with a Q&A session, notify your audience ahead of hosting a workshop or tutorial on Instagram Live. For example, if you own a gym, you can host a tutorial on how to stay fit during winter. The good thing about Instagram Live is that you don’t have to worry about time limits as Instagram lets you go live for up to an hour.

  • Show a Behind-the-Scenes Perspective of Your brand

Besides Q&A’s and tutorials, you can also use Instagram live to humanize your brand. Typically, when you post something on social media platforms, your followers don’t get to see the hard work that went into the production. However, a behind-the-scenes perspective opens your world to them. In a world of never-ending memes and spams, connections such as this aren’t easy to get, yet Instagram Live makes it very easy for us to build a sense of trust and transparency among your customers.

  • Demonstrate a product in use

People enjoy how-to content. It’s a simple way to show people exactly how your products work. These can be brief videos your audience can pop in on and watch, or it can be a part of more extended content in which you explain the advantages of the product, different ways it can be used, who can use it, etc.

How you create a product demo is important: unlike regular demo videos, you can’t cut to different camera shots and crop out irrelevant content. Instagram Live needs you to be a one-take wonder. Fortunately, people don’t expect you to be completely perfect but make sure you understand what you’re talking about, and you know how to demonstrate each step of the process to your viewers.

  • Promote a product launch

Go live on Instagram to promote a new product launch on your company. While other social media promotions is essential, getting behind a video camera and actually speaking about your latest product in real-time will attract people’s attention and create buzz around your product.

If you have a big product releasing and you have set a launch time, go live on your Instagram 15 minutes beforehand and excite your customers up! Talk about what makes your product special, how much does it costs, where people can get it and remember to countdown to the product launch.

  • Highlight your brand’s events

Whether your company is hosting an excellent conference, going on a fascinating business trip, or attending a function of your own, share it with your followers! It can be hard to showcase a genuine experience if you’re just posting a picture on your Instagram feed, so branch out and go live to give your audience a true behind-the-scenes, fresh experience.

What to consider before going live on Instagram?

Planning for engagement

Remember that the reason why many users watch live videos is that they want to connect with the people behind the business or brand. So you need to have your broadcast plan in place with tips to lead your conversation. Do your best to have responses ready for all the questions that may be asked from you. This way you can make sure to have a smooth broadcast.

You can ask these questions from yourself to get to a plan:

  • Who is the target audience of this video?
  • Who will be in the video?
  • What will I be filming?
  • When will my video start, and when will it end?
  • Why am I shooting this video?
  • How will it benefit my potential customers?

Include a CTA (call-to-action)

You should always leave your audience wanting more. Inform them of other ways that they can keep in touch, which could include following you on other social networks or subscribing to your newsletter. Whatever works for you.

How to Use Instagram Live Video to Promote your Small Business

Be engaging

You should keep the tempo of your live video high: if you communicate in a boring way, you will lose people’s attention fast. Instead, try engaging with your audience, if someone asks a question, answer it as soon as you can. Try to smile more and spread a cheerful mood to influence how people perceive you and your brand. You can even use Instagram face filters to add some fun to your live video!


With these tips for live videos, your brand can start including live into your Instagram marketing strategy. At the end of the day, you should try to create more brand awareness and engage with a broader audience with valuable content.

Do you know any other ways to use Instagram live videos for business?

Let us know in the comments below.

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