How to Schedule Posts on Instagram?

Instagram has become the most used platform these days, and people like to spend their time on Instagram and have fun. It is good news for Instagram influencers, businesses, brands, etc.

They can take advantage of it and do their best to be seen by people. Being popular on Instagram is not as easy as before, which needs to find out some strategies and tricks to get a better result.

One of the strategies to raise your Instagram account is using an Instagram scheduler. There are a lot of benefits of scheduling your Instagram posts such as: saving time, planning a better feed, managing multiple account, etc. which we are going through them. As you have experienced, it takes time to post manually on computer or phone. If you are doing it manually, you are wasting tons of time. Instead, you can focus and have a lot more energy for increasing engagement on Instagram.

Why do you need to schedule your Instagram posts?

How to manage and schedule posts on Instagram is a question that you would hear it so much if you are an Instagrammer!

Consistency is a key to nail your Instagram strategy. By using an Instagram scheduler, you would make that happen easily.

If you don’t have enough time to post consistently or you forget all about posting on time, you should just leave it to an Instagram scheduler. You can add anything you need such as caption, location, hashtags, and then press schedule. Also, an Instagram scheduler that we are going to talk about has the option to add watermark and use Instagram filters. Moreover, you can find Instagooo useful if you share advertisement posts on Instagram or if you are willing to share a post for a specific period, Instagooo has the option to schedule Instagram posts for deleting which we are going to talk about them in detail. All you need is in one tool!

Instagram scheduler benefits:

•       Saves time

Imagine how exhausting would it be to share posts every day manually. It would take at least 20 minutes to share a single Instagram post, and the worst part about it is that sometimes you might be so busy to share a post on the right time or you may forget to share a post on Instagram. That’s annoying, right? It could be even worse if you have a business account or when you are willing to share something important with your Instagram audience!

There is no concern by using the Instagram scheduler. You can schedule your Instagram posts by setting the date and time, setting caption, hashtag, etc. By using an Instagram scheduler, you have to spend at most an hour a week to set all you need for the Instagram post. Just think about all the fun you can have by saving your time!

•       Post from desktop

It might happen to you that you were going to share an important post on Instagram, and suddenly your phone turned off or didn’t work! If you don’t want to experience it anymore, then you should use an Instagram scheduler to get rid of such problems.

•       Content management

Content and engagement are connected together. The better the content you share, the more engagement you would have. The number of Instagram accounts with high engagement rate, and great content is increasing every day. So you should work as hard as you can to be popular among all of them. By sharing great content using the Instagram scheduler, more people tend to visit your account, and they may become your fan.

•       Plan a better feed

Your Instagram feed is one of the effective ways to grab people’s attention and make them interested in your account. Having an eye-catching feed is a way to get more Instagram followers.

•       Manage multiple accounts

Having multiple Instagram accounts has become a trend these days. Managing all of them at the same time would be exhausting, and it requires a huge amount of time. You can handle it by using an Instagram scheduler, and instead, you have more time to create attractive content. Some Instagram post schedulers have the option to add multiple accounts and manage all of them.

Why should you use Instagooo?

Looking for reasons to use Instagooo? Keep reading!

  • Fully automated posting

No annoying ‘reminders’ or push notifications. We post automatically for you so you can sit back and relax.

  • Scheduled & instant posts

Schedule posts for any day or time. You can even ‘post now’ right from your Instagooo dashboard.

  • Video post scheduler

Instagram video scheduling. Upload, post & schedule every video in Instagram’s format via your Instagooo dashboard.

  • Auto post remover

Turn post remover on any time you want, and our Instagram scheduler will remove your post automatically.

  • Multiple Instagram accounts

Manage multiple accounts from a single Instagooo login. You can add as many as accounts you want to your Instagooo dashboard to manage them all in one place.

  • First Comment

Add the first comment to kick-start the conversation or to hide your caption hashtags.

  • Add Location

Upload your posts and tag any location to them easily to let them be posted as you like.

  • Add watermark

Add a watermark to your posts directly via your Instagooo dashboard before uploading your posts.

  • Emoji

Full emoji support. Add any emoji you like to your captions with our built-in emoji picker.

Now we are going to talk about how to schedule Instagram posts with Instagooo, and why you should give it a try right away!

Guide to use Instagooo:

1. Create an account on Instagooo

First of all, you need to sign up on Instagooo which would take just a few minutes; then you’ll get three days trial. After signing up, you should confirm your email address.

Instagooo sign up 1
 Instagooo sign up 2
Instagooo sign up 3

2. Congrats! You are on the dashboard.

On top of the page, there are four options:

Promotion, Post, Comments and Direct

We are going to talk about Post option which would divide in three parts: Instagram posts, Scheduled posts, Draft posts.

Instagram posts
  • Instagram posts and Scheduled posts:

You can see all your posts here with the number of their Likes and Comments, which could be an alternative to Instagram and makes you independent of checking Instagram to see the number of Likes and Comments. Also, you can delete your Instagram posts here.

Click on “select file” to choose the photo or video and then wait for a few seconds to see the following page:

  1. Filter: You can choose a filter which is the same as Instagram filters.
  2. Watermark: It is an option that doesn’t exist on Instagram, but Intagooo provides it for its users. If you are a business or you are advertising, it would be really useful.
  3. Description: This is the part that you can write the caption for your post.
  4. Date and Time: If you don’t change the time and date and click on “publish,” the photo or video that you choose to share, will be shared right away.But if you want to schedule it, you should select the date and time.
  5. Delete the post after: It’s a great option for advertiser, brand, influencer or anyone who wants to delete the post after some time. You can easily set the time and feel relax about it.
  6. Location: Add your post’s location here.
  7. Disable comments: This is the feature that exists in both Instagram and Instagooo. By activating this option, no one can leave comment on the post.
  8. First comment: It allows you to be the first one who leaves comment on your post. It is useful when you write too much in the caption, and you need to write more.
  9. Buy likes and video view: If the number of likes and views matters for you, then you should buy Instagram likes and videos. You should check your balance before activating this feature, but if you forgot, don’t worry! You can make a payment here too.
  10. Publish: If you set the time and date, your Instagram post is scheduled successfully. You just need to click on “Publish.”

If you don’t change the time and date and just change other options, the post will be published right away by clicking on “Publish.”

Scheduling Instagram post is all done! And the best part about it is that when you schedule a post, you don’t need to be online or be connected to the Internet to publish the post. Just set it, and enjoy your time.

  • Draft posts:

This option is designed for Instagram users who are busy or just want to share their posts later and haven’t thought about the publish time yet. You can add photos and videos here and schedule them in the future.

If there is any question, feel free to contact the support team.


By using Instagram schedule post, not only you will save the time, but bust also you will reach your Instagram goals, which is a win-win for business accounts and influencers.

Get Instagooo today to manage all your photos and videos and automatically schedule your posts all in one place.

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