How to Grow Clients through Instagram?

These days we have remarkable tools that allow us to reach millions of people easily and cheaply; Imagine the amount of money you had to spend to reach 1 million people ten years ago and how much money you would have to pay today.

This is surprising; now we can reach an entire world with these amazing tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

Now, what can we do to engage with more clients? The basis of everything is to create value for our clients which might seem tough but as they watch your videos, reads your articles or hear your podcasts, and somehow they find an answer to a question they had or a solution to their problems, you have attracted their interest.

In this article, I am going to share some simple ways that can highly develop your engaging content.

Grow Clients through Instagram

1.setup your business account

Bear in mind that marketing is all about the audience and not about you, so selfies of your journey should stay personal. They’re not related to your customers and won’t get you sales!

2.Hook your followers by Including informative and Interesting Bio

Before people hit the following bottom on your account, they would click on your profile. So you should have a catchy bio and convince them that your content would be useful for them.

3. Create Popular Instagram Posts

You might have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s take advantage of it! Share photos that are unique and attention-grabbing.

4. Mention your business name and a brief description of what you do

Keep it light and interesting. Instagram is different from your online shop or your other social media sites. Expertise a bio that appeals to the Instagram community and you want to reach and shows the tone of the images you are planning to share.

5. Talk to them

Ask some questions and have a conversation which makes them much likely to engage. Engage with folks and build trust to let them know that you are looking for relationships.

6. Always link back to your website

Now that you have good content and awesome followers, you want to make sure that they actually know how to buy from you.  If you post an image with a particular product, put a direct link to the product in your profile. Otherwise, a simple link to your homepage might be a good trick to attract followers too. This will make it so easy for people to buy from you.

Try live video to introduce your product to people or make a short video to share as a post.

7. Be authentic

By posting fun and authentic videos, show your products as they are in real life.

8. Include a link to enhance Traffic to Your Site

On Instagram, you can lead people directly to your website by a single click. Right under your name and description, there is a place where your link is clickable. Include the link to your online shop or a target page all the time.

9. Post-eye-catching images

It’s always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words; A high quality and high-resolution product photo is attention-grabbing and promotes your product.

10. Run Instagram Contests

Run a contest around each season, Christmas, sporting events, holidays, etc.

  • Have an awesome prize

 Make sure your award is well enough for your Followers to enter and share with their friends.

  • Include a voting element

It will massively increase the chance of contest to go viral.

  • Pick your winner.

Post an announcement, and congratulate them.

Grow Clients through Instagram

Hopefully, now you have some strategies for getting clients through Instagram. Obviously It is possible to convert Followers to customers, but remember you need Followers first; this is why you have to understand how to get more Instagram Followers.

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