How to Get your Post in the Instagram Top Posts?

Instagram Top Posts have been around for a year now, but we have yet to talk about them. However, getting your content trending in the top posts section is one of the essential sides of your Instagram marketing strategy.

First, you should know that if you go all obsessed about crafting content that will trend, or “go viral,” you are going get a lot disappointed.The ability to be a trend is not a given, but you can determine what the great qualities of “trending” content are. Use this information to put forth your A-game each day.

What are Instagram Top Posts?

When you go to the Explore tab in Instagram and write a hashtag, the “Top Posts” section is the grid of 9 photos at the top. These are photos that Instagram has selected, probably through some kind of algorithm, to be featured. Right now, we don’t know the EXACT formula for getting to this spot, but we’ve identified some usual “rules” through trial and experience.

How to Get your Post in the Instagram Top Posts?

We are going to get tot he “how to get here” in a moment. Before that, we wanted to break down the top post results for both of these hashtags for context. Here are how things breakdown:

How to Get your Post in the Instagram Top Posts?

Tips for trending content

So now that we find out a little bit about who is getting in these top spots, we’ll share our tips for getting there:

  • First, the spammy and crappy content won’t go up there. The one thing they have in common is that they are high-quality and add value to their audience so, you can bring your A-game every day and post quality content withgood captions.
  • While you can see a combination of large and small accounts, we believe that engagement is a big success factor. So, whenever you post some thing with significant numbers of likes and comments, it will be probably a trend.
  • Engagement is essential but quick engagement is even better. Whenever you post something with significant number of likes and comments, it trends 99% of the time. You can ask for engagement, post content that encourage likes and comments and post at your best time.

Pick the best hashtags

If you use Instagram regularly, you would know that the spam game is strong right now. Like, for every thoughtful comment, you get only eight emoji-only faces that mean squat. While it can be annoying, It can actually help you get to the Instagram top posts section.

The first step is finding out what is realistic for you to trend for. You should define your target audience and find the best hashtags which are related to your industry and your audience interests. You can also use your branded-hashtag to expose your content on Instagram.

Run contests to encourage engagement

Contests perform like a shortcut for increasing engagement on Instagram. Instagram heavily promotes and features content that gets really popular, very quickly. A slow trickle of engagement through out several days is unlikely to get you on the top spots. You can run contests and ask for engagement, or connect with similar accounts to help each other, and more.

You can read our article about how to get more engagement on Instagram. Because the more engagement on get onInstagram, the closer you will get to the top spot on the searches.

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