How to Create Instagram Stories Highlight Icons?

In this post we show you what Instagram Stories Highlights are and why you might consider using them to reach more engaged Instagram users (who will click through on your content).  

And the best part? We’ve got 50 FREE templates for Instagram Stories Highlight Icons for you to use right now to make your stories stand out! Firstly, let’s take a look at what Instagram Story Highlights are, and why you should care!

What are highlights for Instagram stories?

Instagram Stories are a powerful way to engage with your followers and potential clients. Now we have Instagram Stories Highlights to add to the mix. Highlights are an exciting feature for Instagram Stories that lets you combine multiple Instagram Stories into a playlist or album of content for your followers to watch at any time. The Highlights appear as a series of round icons or albums that sit just below your profile information, like these:

How to Create Instagram Stories Highlight Icons?

Adding your story to a highlight is easy. Stories (or part thereof) can be added to highlights as soon as they are published (even while they are still active for 24 hours on your account). It’s as simple as clicking the highlight button at the bottom of your story, and choosing to add the story or story segment to your highlight of choice, as follows:

How to Create Instagram Stories Highlight Icons?

Each highlight for Instagram Stories can have a short title. You can have up to 16 characters in your title but it’s best to keep it to 10-11 characters so that the complete title shows on your profile and doesn’t get cut off. When somebody clicks the icon for a particular highlight album they can watch the story content that you allocate to that album.

Here are a few more things to know about story highlights:

  • The content you add to Highlights is evergreen. You can keep Instagram Stories Highlights on your profile for as long as you want – they don’t expire after 24 hours so long as you set your settings to archive all Instagram Story content within Instagram.
  • You can add many Story Highlights (at least 20 or more according to Social Media Examiner’s research).
  • You’re able to add a story (or part thereof) to one or more highlights.
  • Your Instagram Stories Highlight title can be up to 16 characters. Make sure it’s succinct and intrigues people enough to watch!

Instagram Story Highlights are a great opportunity to repurpose your content, add calls to action (if you have over 10,000 followers or you have a verified account you can add links to your stories). If you have this function then the more highlights you add, the more links you can add! If you don’t have this function then you can still direct people to your feed or to the link in your bio.

Why should you use Instagram stories highlights?

Instagram stories highlights provide untapped potential to get your content seen on Instagram. Here’s why you should take them very seriously:

  • Once someone watches one story highlight, Instagram will automatically play the next item in your Instagram Stories Highlight “playlist”. This means more of your content being seen!
  • It allows you to share more of your team and your business on your profile – not just your feed and your disappearing Instagram Stories. If there is content that resonated with your audience in an Instagram Story, add it straight back into your Highlights.
  • You can get super creative with what you add to your Instagram Stories Highlight Icons. It could be behind the scenes content, product launches, storytelling, or a special offer. You can also showcase a special occasion, or do a series of how-to stories or tips. There’s no limit to what you can use Highlights for!

Put simply, if you use Instagram Stories, then you should be adding them to Instagram Story Highlights. It’s a no brainer.


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