How to Create a Kill-It Instagram Theme?

Ever been concerned with the thought that “what makes an Instagram account tick?” Yes, several essential factors are leading to a stand-out IG account, and establishing aesthetics is one of the most important of them. So, if you want to build a strong network on Instagram, it’s necessary to consider creating your own Instagram theme.

But why an Instagram theme is so important? The answer is clear; if people like what they see, they will follow to see more of the kind, and a carefully picked and eye-catching theme does the work. More clearly put, to get more followers on Instagram, you need to create a theme.

If you are willing to know how to create an Instagram theme that goes with the personality of your page, here is what you will learn:

– Things to consider before creating an Instagram theme

– Steps to create an appropriate IG theme

Things to Consider Before Creating an Instagram Theme

Before jumping right to the process of creating your theme, you first need to analyze your Instagram account in terms of:

– Categorization: you might want to categorize your posts into people: nature, art, text, food, beauty, etc. Have at least three categories and post regularly. For instance, if you have a traveler’s blog, your posts might fall into people, nature, food, and buildings. Don’t post them just randomly. Instead, make and schedule and publish them based on it. It can be one people, one nature, one food, and one building photo, and then repeat. Or one people, one nature, one people again, one food, one people and finally one building. The order depends on the number of photos in each category.

– Quality: If your posts are of low quality, no kill-it Instagram theme, otherworldly creativity, precise post timing, or even no super Instagram bot can help your account. Matt Benfield, an Instagram Influencer with over 80k followers, puts a great emphasis on quality of posts: “Even if I don’t post on Instagram for a couple of days because I’m trying to get the perfect shot, that’s worth it to me. Quality always comes over quantity for me!”

– Perspective: Is your view the same as thousands of other accounts on Instagram in your niche? Then, don’t bother! If you are providing Instagram users with the same point of view as others, what’s the point of following you for them? Try to look at things in your unique way, and you will see how rewarding it would be not to fake it! There are infinite different ways to do things, and yours can be like no one’s!

Before beginning to create an Instagram theme, try to fix the above cases in your account. Or you can do it in the process of creating your theme.

Create a Kill-it Instagram theme

Now you can start planning for an awesome, jaw-dropping theme by going through the following steps:

  • Step #1: Choosing the right color pallet

This first step might be the most interesting, but yet the most challenging part of the job. To choose an appropriate color pallet for your Instagram theme, you need to be familiar with the color wheel and its use. Here is the color wheel:


Now, to be able to use this wheel to create an Instagram theme, you need to know about the seven basic color schemes. These are Monochromatic, Complementary, Achromatic, Analogous, Triadic, Tetradic, and Polychromatic.

We will introduce every color scheme in details.

1- Monochromatic color pattern: This scheme starts with one single color and includes all or some of the shades of that color:


This pattern is best if your Instagram account requires to keep uniformity. An Instagram theme example of this pattern is shown below:


2- Complementary color pattern: This scheme includes the two most opposite colors of the wheel. This is best for creating mobility and excitement in your Instagram feed:


If you like this pattern, the only thing you need to do is to pick two opposing colors from the wheel. Here is an example of Complementary (red and blue in this case) color pattern on Instagram theme:


3- Achromatic color pattern: This pattern includes neutral colors such as black, white, and gray, and very light shades of different hues.


A very famous and popular Instagram theme with this color scheme is the Black&White:


4- Analogous color pattern: This is one of the most popular color schemes on Instagram and also in interior decoration because while creating a happy and harmonious atmosphere, it does not strike much excitement and keeps the relaxing and concentrating feel of your page. In order to have an analogous color pattern, chose a color on the wheel, and then pick the two adjutant colors on each side of it.


See how harmonious it works hen implemented as an Instagram theme:


Another color pattern that falls into Analogous is Accented Analogous. In this scheme you chose a color as the main one, then find the opposite of it, and finally pick the two adjutant colors at each side of the opposing color:


See how smartly this user has applied Accented Analogous schema on her Instagram gape:


5- Triadic color pattern: This schema uses colors that are spaced across the wheel equally and makes a triangle on the wheel:


This adds a colorful yet harmonious spirit to your page.


6- Tetradic color pattern: This schema is full of colors, but as it uses four hues, which are complementary two by two, it is challenging to get it balanced. In this pattern, you need to have one dominant color, and you should be careful not to use all colors evenly. Otherwise, the look of your Instagram theme might look unbalanced and even annoying. Rectangle: to have rectangular Tetradic color pattern, you need to choose one dominant color, and then determine its complementary hue on the wheel. Once more, choose another color and its complementary.


7- Polychromatic color pattern: This schema might be the most radiant of all, but yes very challenging. Polychromatic means: having several colors. It can’t be schemed on the wheel because you are free to choose whatever and as many colors as you wish. But getting it balanced requires your knowledge and expertise on colors and their effects on people.

color coordinated Instagram theme

  • Step #2: Choosing your Image filter

The photo filters have done a great job on Instagram, and using them can change the mood of your page, totally. It is optional to apply a filter on your images or not, but if you want to do it, remember to choose the one or the ones that match the purpose of your Instagram account. To have a consistent and harmonious Instagram theme, you need to choose one filer and edit all your photos with that. Of course, it is possible that two or more filters be selected for different images, but be careful that they need to go with each other.

  • Step #3: Choosing your photo layout

By “layout,” I mean the cut and frame of your photos. This is very important to pick a proper layout for your Instagram page. Some of the most popular Instagram theme layouts are presented below.

White bordered layout:

White bordered layout

Puzzle layout:

 Puzzle layout

Black-bordered layout:

 Black-bordered layout

Mixed rectangle photo theme:

 Mixed rectangle photo theme

Three tiles match layout:

Three tiles match layout

Six tiles match layout:

Six tiles match layout

Nine tiles match layout:

Nine tiles match layout

Vertical line (it moves to left and right with every post you add):

Vertical line

horizontal line:

horizontal line

Tile theme:

Tile theme


Creating the right Instagram theme for your feeds might look simple, but as you read in this article, it requires comprehensive knowledge on your goals, your page’s status, color combination patterns, Instagram filters and layout and a bit of creativity. Creating a kill-it Instagram theme is a combination of art, psychology, and marketing&management skills.

Hope I helped you in making up your mind about establishing your theme on Instagram. Thanks for reading.

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