Everything you should Know about Instagram Screenshot Notification

With the massive volume of appealing content on Instagram, it is more than tempting for people to take screenshot or records of what is displayed for them. At the beginning of 2018, Instagram ran a test for some three months to send notifications on screenshots of stories. Due to the negative feedback from users, Instagram Screenshot Notification feature which started in February 2018, was rolled back by June, the same year.

This is how it worked: when someone took a screenshot from another user’s content, there went a notification to the post owner and informed them about which content from, by whom and when the screenshot was taken. While this feature was welcomed by some privacy-lover users, other “screeshotters” seemed to be annoyed by the fact that their “privacy” was endangered.

Where is Instagram Screenshot Notification right now?

Right now, Instagram sends no notification for screenshots taken of your content. However, there is an exception for disappearing photos and videos in the Direct Message. Disappearing photos and videos are the ones you take by the Instagram camera and send them directly through the direct message. If any of your contacts take a screenshot from these disappearing photos you have sent them, Instagram will send you a notification.

Instagram Screenshot Notification

The phrase “photo you sent” in the image above is exactly related to a disappearing photo in DM.

So, you will receive:

  • no screenshot notification on posted photos and videos;
  • no screenshot notification on stories;
  • no screenshot notification on lives,
  • no screenshot notification on non-disappearing photos in DM; and
  • a screenshot notification on a disappearing picture in DM.

You might want to consider:

  • Using the “bookmark” option under the posts, instead of taking screenshots: to do this, you only need to tap the bookmark sign under the photo or video. By doing this, the content is stored in the bookmark section of your Instagram account, and you can go back to it whenever you want. The only downturn of this method is that if the owner deletes the post, your bookmark will also get deleted.

Instagram Post Bookmark

  • Not using any third party app that claim to send you Instagram Screenshot Notification: these kinds of apps are either scammers or are lying to rob you. Do not install and use them under any condition; else the security of both your Instagram account and your device might fall at risk.

A side thought

It might not be a bad idea if Instagram considers running the feature more seriously and not stopping it again, any time in the future. This Instagram Screenshot Notification feature makes people to more carefully observe the copyright of contents and encourages more individuals to create their own unique posts.

In addition, the fact that Instagram stopped this feature in 2018 doesn’t mean that they won’t initialize it again. Instagram Screenshot Notification feature might get enabled anytime without you even knowing about it.

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