All about Instagram Story Quiz Sticker

When first released in April 2019, Instagram Story Quiz Sticker went BOOM! This feature was something awaited long and welcomed warmly by Instagram users, especially the “story mania.”

Now with the quiz sticker present on the stickers tray of the story, users could (still can) start small quizzes with multiple (2 to 4) choices. Now imagine what a blessing this sticker has brought to the businesses on Instagram.

From small, mid, and big businesses to personal and influential pages, all are benefiting from this Instagram Story Quiz Sticker. The feature not only helps your stories be seen but also increases the engagement of users with your content, and this is what Instagram LOVES! Users viewing your stories is one thing, and engaging with it by actions is another. When you use options to help users interact with your content, Instagram can use the data gathered to help you enhance your presence on the explore.

How to use Instagram Story Quiz Sticker?

To embed a quiz sticker in your story, all you need to do is to upload your story, tap the sticker tray to open and select the Quiz sticker. Now you can type out 2 to 4 options and ask your question, choose the correct answer and tap Done. Post your story, and you are all set.

Use Instagram Story quiz story

From left to right: Upload your story, tap the sticker tray to open and select the Quiz sticker, type out 2 to 4 options and ask your question

If you don’t see the quiz sticker on your tray, try updating the Instagram app to its latest version or restarting your device or the app. The feature is now more than two-months-old, and it is globally released. No country or region restrictions are applied to the feature. So, you can use it with whatever nationality you have.

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