Top 5 Tips to Make the Most of Instagram’s IGTV

Earlier in 2018, Instagram launched IGTV, a new feature in the Instagram mobile app, which lets users upload and watch videos that are up to 1hour long. Instagram shared five tips that will help you create and share awesome videos on the platform.

Top 5 Tips to Make the Most of Instagram’s IGTV

  • Embrace vertical videos: IGTV is designed for vertical video, so you should either record your videos with this format in mind or edit your videos to make them vertical.
  • Reinvent a TV classic: if you’re interested in creating video series, consider getting inspired by popular TV genres, like quiz shows and cooking. For example, Instagram creator @lelepons has a video series called What’s cooking? With Lele Pons.
  • Go behind-the-scenes: If you have an excellent following base on another social media (like YouTube or Twitter), you can use IGTV to share a behind-the-scenes look at your daily life, with clips not shared yet on the other platforms.
  • Remember the basics: your settings are just as essential as the content you are producing. Make sure to turn on the grid in your camera so that you can frame your shot in the best way. You can shoot your videos in 4k so that you get more options while editing.
    Finally, Instagram said, “good lighting can make all the difference—the general rule of thumb is that the higher the frame rate, the more “light” you will need.”

Get creative with the cover image: while sharing a video, IGTV will use the first frame of your video as its cover image. Still, you can edit your video’s cover image before uploading. You can either upload a cover photo from your device or select a different video frame to use as your cover image. You can’t change the cover image once your video is fully uploaded, so make sure to change it while uploading.

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