Instagram Limits and Strategies 2019

This is an article about Instagram follow limits and how to manage your activities to avoid getting blocked from doing certain activities (liking, Commenting, following & DM-ing) or even prevent the ‘shadow-ban.’

Key areas we are going to cover are:

  • Follow and unfollow limits
  • Instagram like limits
  • Instagram comment limits

How many users can you follow on Instagram?

Actually, there are no general follow limits for Instagram, a lot of factors come to play here. I will mention some of the important ones:

  • Age of your Instagram account
  • Number of your followers
  • Your overall engagement (likes, comments)
  • Being active or inactive
  • Quality of your proxies (If you are using automation tools)

Aged Instagram accounts (over 3 months) can follow more people on Instagram than the new ones. Accounts with massive followers can follow more than those with less followers; active Instagram accounts who also have good engagement also can follow more than dormant Instagram accounts. And if you are auto-following on Instagram, using a tool like Instago, you should make sure that you are using proper proxies.

How many users can you follow on Instagram per day?

You should set your follow limit for new Instagram accounts at 50 – 80 the first day. Then you can increase that number by 10-20 every new day until you reach the number of 500 follows per day for that account. This is the method of safely warming up new Instagram accounts, and unless you are using banned hashtags in your Instagram bio or captions, you shouldn’t face any issues.

So, let’s break that further down.

Assuming you’re manually following users on Instagram and you spread that activity across 16hrs, by the time your new Instagram account is fully warmed up you will be following 32 users per hour or following a user every 2 minutes. I’ll go on and say it’s safe to follow up to 40 Instagram users per hour. The same formula serves for older Instagram accounts as well.

How many users can you unfollow on Instagram per day?

Unfollowing limits on Instagram are the same as following. The actual question is, when do you unfollow? Should you unfollow a few days after following? Should you unfollow at the same time while following other people or should you set days when you are only following and particular days to unfollow?

Well, I prefer to wait at least three days before unfollowing someone. This gives them time to see the notification and the opportunity to follow you back. You might be thinking how I’m able to tell who followed me back and who didn’t. Well, I automate all my Instagram activities on Instago, and that’s how I can say. I also unfollow the same day as I follow other people.

Instagram like limits

The general consent from the users I talk to and a bit of my own experience is, you can safely like per day up to 1.5x the number of follows you do. Say, for example, your follow limit is 400 per day, that lets you like up to 600 posts per day. Remember that these are by no means any official patterns but simple measures we’ve made from our own experiences.

Instagram comment limits

Personally, I’ve never had to write so many comments to the extent that Instagram prevented me from doing more, but I’ve talked to many people that are more proactive with their tactics on Instagram, and they agree that a maximum of 250 comments per day would be safe.

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