Best Instagram Challenges for Christmas 2019

Another Christmas, another holiday season, that moment you think “oh my gosh, the year is basically over.” But do you know what that means? Another Instagram challenge! If you are one of the barney types (HIMYM) who are always ready to complete a challenge, then I bet you will enjoy this article.

If you have never done an Instagram challenge before, here is how it works: each day of every month has a specific topic or theme. You should post one picture per day that is related to the given theme or topic, and tag your posts with challenge’s hashtags to find and engage with more people on Instagram.

Here are the topics for 2019 Christmas challenges on Instagram!

Which one do you like to most?

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Favorite Christmas movie
  3. Hello holidays
  4. Last Christmas
  5. A family tradition
  6. It’s the most beautiful time of the year
  7. A cup of cheer
  8. Oh Christmas tree
  9. Christmas lights
  10. I’m dreaming of…
  11. Deck the halls
  12. Holiday Sweets
  13. Childhood pictures
  14. Christmas in the city
  15. Dressed in holiday style
  16. Merry and bright
  17. My favorite things
  18. Wacky tacky sweater
  19. Christmas pet
  20. Winter Wonderland
  21. Let it snow
  22. Stockings by the chimney
  23. Home for Christmas
  24. Christmas Day
  25. It was the night before Christmas
  26. Post-holiday relaxation
  27. You and your kin
  28. A 2018 memory
  29. Oh what fun
  30. Old saying / Happy New Year
  31. A goal for 2019

Whether you post every day, every other day, twice a week, or just once through Christmas, we would like you to join the 2019 Instagram challenge. What matter the most is sharing the holiday spirit and having some fun with it.


Best Instagram Challenges for Christmas 2019

Remember to use #InstaChristmasChallenge in your captions so people can follow along.

Leave us a comment below and say: “challenge accepted!”

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