Three New Instagram Features to Help You Purchase and Influence Easier

Announced in Facebook’s annual F8 conference, these three new Instagram features will make “Life on Instagram” more comfortable and influential: Create Mode, In-App Purchase, and Donation Sticker.

Create Mode in New Camera (in stories)

In coming weeks, a new camera mode with a swipe-right wheel will be added to Instagram, to let the user chose from different styles. Among the features of the new Camera is the Create Mode. With the use of the create mode, it will no longer be necessary to upload or capture a video or photo to post a story. The story can be published using only stickers and interactive graphics. This new Instagram feature is excellent if you want to share a text-based story or hold a poll.

In-App Purchase

Available only for businesses and public figures (i.e., influencers), this new feature will let you buy directly in the app, without having to leave Instagram or DM anyone! All that needs to be done is adding the tag of the product to the post for influencers and tapping that tag for the followers. This means more $ for the first and more comfortable purchases for the latter!

Donation Sticker (in stories)

This sticker helps you raise a fund to donate to a nonprofit of your support. Simply, upload a story and add the Donation Sticker to your story from the list of stickers. Once clicked, the sticker gives your followers the possibility to become a donor to the nonprofit of your interest. You can also see the aggregated fund and the list of donors through this feature.


Facebook Introduced seven new Instagram features in annual F8 conference, 2019 (Creator Profiles, Own-Created Instagram Stories filters, Hiding Like Counts and Away Mode are the other four possible and coming features introduced). The three features mentioned here are the most popular ones announced.

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