“Join Chat” Sticker for Instagram Stories on the Go

During recent years, Instagram has put a considerable emphasis on messaging and chats and this new sticker, Join Chat, is another step towards bringing people for more conversation along.

As shown below, you can put this sticker on your stories, where you want to hold a conversation. “people who can view your story can request to join this group chat”. By tapping the sticker, the user will be directed right to the direct chat, and if their request is accepted, they can start to converse.


Besides Facebook, Instagram has also found out about the significant power of conversations and word of mouth and has begun to put a more in-depth focus on this aspect of social media.

This would be an excellent option for brands and communities to engage people in their activities and find more about their customers and followers. They can also count on their top followers to promote them more organically via the Join Chat sticker.

If launched actually, this Join Chat sticker will drive more engagement on private grouped chats. As the statistics indicate, 85% of conversations on the Instagram Direct Message is held among the three same friends, every time. With the release of Join Chat sticker, Instagram will see more of this kind.

There are no hearings about the release date or even whether Instagram plans to release Join Chat option any soon, yet. However, we can expect it to be very likely since this sticker is considered a positive move towards making social media more “social” than just a media.

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