Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

At Christmas, we are under a lot of pressure to post the perfect picture and write the ideal caption on Instagram. After all, we are competing with many people out there who are posting photos of their Kardashian-level Christmas decorations and Jenner-level cute kids.

We have got one problem, though: now that it is time to write the perfect Instagram captions, our inspirational container is running on empty. Maybe you spend your last drop of holiday creativity with the perfect gift for your bae, or on decorating the office vintage table. You forgot to leave something on for this essential task.

Sorry, I can’t make these choices for you, nor you can hire a celebrity’s decorating pros. But I can help provide a few starting points for those captions, based on your favorite celebrity Instagram posts from last Christmas. There are a lot of topics you can choose from – meaningful and heartwarming, silly, sarcastic, self-deprecating, envy-inducing, and showy.

You can copy these words to add to your captions, or you can add a little something to make them your own. I know you’ve got that in you!

Share some good news while spreading cheer

“Merry Christmas everyone! May you shine and sparkle this festive season, may all of your dreams and wishes come true. I wish we all may feel this happiness all year round. God bless you! #baby bump”

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

This is a caption from Khloe Kardashian in 2017. It wasn’t her pregnancy announcement, but you can change and use it for your cause, or replace that baby bump hashtag with something relevant.

Brag about your peaceful family

“From our #ModernFamily to your #WhateverKindaFamily Is Your Kinda Family we send you much love and blessings on this Christmas Eve #ExMas #HolidayFun #SantasComing,”

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

Kate Hudson Christmas caption on 2015, posing with her ex-boyfriend (and the father of her son). Just use it if you are blessed with harmonious and peaceful relationships.

Spread love while celebrating your own

“This life… Truly the GREATEST gift ever. Hoping you are spending time with the ones you cherish and remembering that we are ALL family. Sending love from ours to yours. Merry Christmas, everyone!!”

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

Justin Timberlake wrote this caption on 2016 as he hugged baby Silas.

Not everyone is with their family, and that’s okay

“People enjoy your warm homes, families, and pets today. Feel grateful for all you have, and not what you do not. For those who don’t have a family anymore be with friends and call those you care for, family comes in many many forms and the holidays are for EVERYONE.”

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

Lady Gaga wrote this caption under a picture with her dog in 2015.

Keep it positive and simple

“Merry Christmas. I hope you get everything you want this year,” Mindy Kaling wrote this caption in 2017, she used a limited number of words, but the picture you use can add another wave of meaning.

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

Make people wish they were staying home!

“Lip-synching to @mariahcarey Christmas album is my favorite thing to do at this kinda time!!! #MERRYCHRISTMAS

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

Rihanna wrote this in 2013 as she was wrapping a present and smoking a joint. This looks way more fun than any holiday parties.

Share illusions of the perfect holiday

“And for one half of a second, they stopped fighting. I am about to lose it. This is our holiday card because I didn’t do one. Happy holidays. If we make it to 2017, it will be a miracle,”

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

Jessica Seinfeld wrote this in 2016, many happy photos lie: it is very healthy when people tell the truth about how hard spending time with family can be.

Remind everyone of how lucky they are

 “Pretty crappy Christmas… #GiaAndNico,”

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

Mario Lopez wrote this on her 2016 photo of his children with their poop emoji presents. While the poop emoji is nearly over, you can find some other smart way to revel in all that mass consumerism.

Confuse your audience

“Mrs. Claus HERE! Have you been naughty or nice?! #merrychristmas MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR,”

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

Taraji P. Henson captioned this in 2016. The juxtaposition of fabulous and wholesome is vital here, and you’ll want to score your own Mrs. Claus suit.

Honor a selfless team

“Simply put, I believe in free healthcare, and I believe in the NHS. So to all those who work for the NHS, your work bonds those who struggle and those who survive, thank you for helping us!!! Merry Xmas you hard working heroes! #merryxmasnhs #thinkingofallthosewiththeir lovedonesfarawayfrom home this Christmas #letstrytomakeit bettersowecangetbetter #love,”

Christmas Instagram Inspiration from Celebrities

Emilia Clarke (the mother of dragons) wrote in 2017. You should rework this for the workers/agency/nonprofit of your choice to make good use of everyone’s good mood.

That’s it.

You know what? Following celebrities on Instagram isn’t always about sneaking and comparing yourself with them. You can get inspired by their posts and become a celebrity yourself. Plus, If you need a few extra organic followers, you can always get some help from our system.

Leave a comment and tell us about your most favorite Christmas caption from a celebrity.

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