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How to contact you?

Please contact us in submit a ticket.

How many Instagram accounts can I add to my dashboard?

You can add as many as you want. There is no limit for it.

How many Instagram accounts can I run under one Instagooo account?

You can add as many as Instagram accounts you want to one Instagooo account. You can charge your balance and divide it between accounts.

Is it safe to use automation?

Yes, if you follow all the tips, lower your limits and use the proxy of your country, you’ll face no issue. For more information, please read our Tips and Advice.

Do I need to stay online and leave the website open to keep my Activity working?

No, you don’t. You can feel free to log out, close your browser, or even turn off your device — your Activity will continue to work on our servers.

Can I use other automation services simultaneously with Instagooo?

We don’t recommend to use other automation services along with Instagooo. It can lead your Instagram account to a password reset or temporary block by Instagram.

How to add another Instagram account to my dashboard?

To add a new account to your dashboard press “Add more accounts” button and enter your Instagram username and password in the opened box.

How do I transfer my paid days from one account to another?

You can transfer the whole days or divide your time between different accounts and transfer an arbitrary amount of days. To do the process, please, first of all, turn off the bot to transfer the days to your balance, then charge the accounts that you wanted to transfer days.

How to cancel my subscription?

Please contact us.

How to pause the bot without losing any days?

You need to turn off the bot in order to not lose any day.

How to change an Instagooo service?

First of all, turn off the bot to transfer the days to your balance, then charge your account with a service you want.

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