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Welcome to our world. To start using automation and grow your Instagram account, please register on
Remember to read our Advice and Tips page before starting the process.
Please follow the steps below to sign up to Instagooo and add your Instagram account:

#Step One

Click on login/sign up button at the top of the page or click on “Start 3Days Trial”. Then you enter the
registration page.

#Step Two

First of all, read the Terms of services and Privacy policy and check the box.
Please enter your Name, Email, Password.
Check “I’m not a robot” and pass the re-captcha.

Note1: Your email and password may differ from the one you have entered for your Instagram account.

Note2: Please enter a valid email.

Note3: Please use a strong password.


#Step Three

Go to your email inbox and click on the confirmation link from Instagooo to complete the registration

#Step Four

Be sure to meet the following requirements before entering the next step:

Click on the” Next” button.

#Step Five

Now you need to connect your Instagram to your Instagooo dashboard.
Please enter your Instagram username and password and then click on “Add account” button.
Note: We do not keep your password; actually you enter the password in Instagram API. Keep in
mind that you can always change your password by email or mobile number.

#Step Six

Choose one of the “Verify by Email” or “Verify by SMS” methods.

#Step Seven

Go to your Instagram email or phone number and enter the 6-digit code into the blank box.


#Step Eight

You may receive the below message in your Instagram app after connecting it to Instagooo.


Please choose “It Was Me.”


Important Notes:
It is better to log out of your Instagram app after the verification for your account’s safety and let the
bot do the job instead of you. And remember to not do any manual actions in your Instagram app.

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