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Let’s start with Instagooo, Instagram bot promotion. Instagooo promotion has 5 essential features. All you need is to sit back and let Instagooo do the whole job for you.

With Instagooo, you can be sure that you gain real followers and engagement. Because the system works like a human, it interacts with other accounts, follows them, likes their posts, views their stories and comments under their posts to just make them more curious about your profile, after that, they’ll definitely visit your profile, and if it is attractive enough, they will follow you. So, be sure that your content, bio, profile picture, etc. are engaging enough.


Instagooo put likes on others’ posts in lieu of you to just attract the posts’ owner to visit your profile. If they get caught up in your content and bio, they will follow you.


Instagooo leaves comments on others’ posts in place of you. And they just get curious who you are and then they will visit your profile. If they get caught up in your content and bio, they will follow you.


Instagooo follows other accounts instead of you and this way they will receive a notification and will check your account. If they find your profile useful and attractive, they will follow you back.

4.View Story

Instagooo views others’ stories in lieu of you to make them curious to check your profile, and if they get attracted by your content and bio, they will follow you.

Note: Instagooo does all the activities by the targets you set. It can be “Account target, Location target, Hashtag target, and target user list.” For more information, please visit Targets.


Instagooo unfollows your followings depends on the settings you have set; It can unfollow all of your followings or the accounts that bot has followed them. For more information, please visit Unfollow .

Note1: You can turn on all of the features or one just based on your need and plan. If you have less than 1000 followers or you are a new Instagooo user, for more safety, please only turn on the like and viewing stories on all of your targets and turn off the comment and follow feature.

Note2: All the notification that other accounts receive are from your Instagram account, not Instagooo.

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