Best Instagram Bot to get followers

Automation for Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, DM, and Post in an Instant with Instago

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With the help of the Instagooo services, the use of Instagrams becomes even easier,
An Instagram bot that will allow auto like, auto follow, and auto unfollows for you. Manage your Instagram account like a superhero! You will not have to lift a finger to do anything.
This powerful web-based tool helps you to get organic likes and followers on Instagram.

Instagram Bot

Instagram Bot

Our Instagram bot will help you to grow Instagram account organically. Instagooo Instagram bot has many features like Auto Liker, Auto Follow, Auto comment, Auto unfollow. Also, you can customize your bot with a lot of filters and setting.

Instagram Auto Direct Message

Instagram Auto Direct Message

Show your followers that you care about them by Sending a Welcome or Thank you messages to them.With Instagooo Auto DM you can send an Auto message to your new followers, all of your followers and your costume list.

Instagram Scheduler

Instagram Scheduler

Stop struggling with your Instagram scheduling. If you manage Instagram accounts, you will love Instagooo. Schedule, plan and publish photos and videos to Instagram with Instagooo Instagram Scheduler app.

Instagram Comments Manager

Instagram Comments Manager

Save yourself scrolling time, and use the comment tracker feature to view and respond to new comments quickly. Time is money, so if you are ready to increase your efficiency check out Instagooo.

Instagooo Instagram Bot features

Instagram Auto Follow And Unfollow

Save time and let Instago do the auto-follow and unfollow. Instago Instagram Bot is the best Instagram Auto Follow and Unfollow tool with a whole lot of features. With our Auto Follow feature, you can set your Instagram account to follow other users based on your set criteria. This is a great way to follow important people and also gain good follow backs.

Instagram Auto Like

Use Instago auto liker and increase likes on your Instagram account in an easy way. Instago Auto Like feature lets you randomly like posts on Instagram automatically. You do not need to start searching for pages and posts to like, instago does all that on auto. One of the best ways to grow your Instagram followers and show your page to thousands of pages without performing any task is by using this tool. Instago let you chose what to like by providing #hashtag, Location, and People targeting.

Instagram Auto Comment

Increase Engagement by Commenting on the post of others. You can set unlimited predefined comments on Instago to automatically comment on the post of others on Instagram. One of the best features of Instagram is that you can make comments on any public post. This means you have millions of posts relating to your products where you can make a valuable contribution and gain followers. Your predefined comments can contain Links (Hashtags and Profile). Emojis are also allowed when saving your comments. You can set the speed rate at which you can comment.

Best Instagram Bot to get followers

Automation for Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, DM, and Post in an Instant with Instago

Proxy Support

Instago supports the use of a proxy. This is one of the best ways to remain safe if you reside outside of our server locations.

cloud base

We provide online service to our users for best results. Users do not need to download any software. Your process continues even once you close your browser.

Loved By Users

Our Website Loved by Instagram Users & They grow Instagram followers, likes, comments and increase engagement, on their Instagram account in an Easy way.

Customer Support

The customer and the customer’s requirements are always the starting point for our planning.If you need any help or ask question Contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Safe & Secure

We work hard to ensure your safety. We provide best practices and recommendations as well as adequate hourly/daily limits to stay below the radar.

Customize Everything

Instago is flexible and customizable to suit your unique needs, so you have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Powerful Targeting Options


This tool lets you follow, like and comment users with various target settings.

Target other pages

You can find those pages are related to your niche and add to your dashboard as a target. Instago will start working on their following and follow, like and leave comments on their posts.

Target #Hashtag Lovers Or Owners

You can add #hashhtags as a target. You have two option. #Hashtag lovers or #Hashtag owners. Instago Instagram bot will follow their accounts, like and comment their posts.

Target location

If you want to get real followers in a specific location, you must add location target. Instago Instagram bot will follow, like and comment those people use that location you added as a target. So you will get real Instagram followers in a specific location.

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